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This site is intended to provide you with information on real property data maintained by the Town of Bethlehem Assessor's Office. This site allows you to view property information, structure information, exemption information, property sale information and the most recent tax bill information. This site also offers the capability to perform comparable property assessment and sales searches.

In comparing properties to yours, it is important to remember that location, style, age, size, etc. are critical to the comparison process. You should review assessments and/or sales of truly similar homes in the same general market area, and make your adjustments to the assessments and sale prices of those homes to arrive at an indicated value for your home. If you are utilizing a comparable property’s assessed value and/or sale price per square foot of living area (SFLA) to make a case for an over assessment, be sure to use those derived from similar homes in similar market areas and of very similar SFLA. Otherwise your results will be skewed and will not be considered a valid comparison.

Tip: To search by a specific street address, the street address spelling must match the system street address spelling in order to select a parcel. Do not spell out the street type or use any punctuation (ex: Summit Rd, not Summit Road). You may find it easier to use the Street Finder option to select your street address.

Note: Please use the PDF Informal Review forms listed on the Forms page to record your property assessment comparisons to be used for your informal assessment review. These are to be filed between January 1st and February 1st.

  Assessment Calendar
  Fiscal Year Start: January 1st
  Valuation Date: July 1st of the previous year
  Taxable Status Date: March 1st
  Tentative Roll: May 1st
  Grievance Day: 4th Tuesday in May
  Final Roll: July 1st
  Total Parcel Count: 13,433           
  Total Taxable Assessed Value: $3,607,380,259 (2014 Roll)
  Total Exemption Amounts: $499,955,298 (2014 Roll)
  Total Full Value: $4,107,335,557 (2013 Roll)*
  2014 Equalization Rate: 100%
  2014 Level of Assessment: 100%

2015 Property Tax Rates (per thousand)

Albany County                       3.858576

Town General Fund Tax      0.585643
Highway                                 1.694160

Delmar Fire District               0.863370 

Elsmere Fire District             0.921879 

Slingerlands Fire District     0.921879

Selkirk Fire District                0.971921

Elmwood Park Fire District  2.023935

Ambulance/EMS                   0.289093

Vista Lighting District           0.694384

Water District                         0.503289

Sewer District                        0.463622
       Front Footage                 0.342221 

Bethlehem Sewer Ext 8       0.463622 
       Front Footage                 0.342223 

Spc Sewer Ext Fernbank    0.463622 

Skycrest Sewer Ext              0.463622 

South Albany Sewer           0.463622

Sewer Ext 13                        0.463622

Lynhurst Sewer Ext.            0.463622

Sewer Extension 14            0.463622
       Front Footage                0.342226 

Sewer Extension 15            0.463622 

Sewer Extension 16            0.463622 

Sewer Extension 17            0.463622 

Outer Orchard Extension    0.463622

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